Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Read of the Century

Folks, this book is THE SHIT! It's the finest collection of underground WDW stuff ever assembled and is a true bright light in a world gone bland. It even contains several pages of me running my mouth on such subjects as how Chief and I met and other exciting shit!

Buy this thing and treat the naughty side of your brain to some adventure.


  1. Oh it's been bought. In Kindle form!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Hoot! I think fans of this site will get a kick out your interview and your drug-scoring tips ;)

    It was definitely an honor and a pleasure to be able to interview a living legend. You guys have so many great stories, you should write your own book!

    Leonard Kinsey

    1. I agree! Although, Mr. Kinsey, your book was pretty freaking amazing!

  3. If you have been in a WDW bathroom (ANYWHERE in WDW), the odds are beyond good, that I burnt the cheeba in there.

    Finding new bathrooms was my scavenger hunt fun!


  4. I suspect this book will have a whole different meaning for the term "hidden Mickey". I must have it.

  5. this book kicks so much ass and takes names. just got done reading it, im sad its over . ill read the last chapter over and over great Hoot interview and loved kinseys utilidoors stories . it really has a little of everything really a great book. thanks to kinsey,Hoot, and all the other people that take time to preserve the unique "behind the scenes" images and stories that would be forgotten and never shared

  6. Well as one thing leads to I am. Just last night I installed the iBook app on my iPhone. Neat. But there is nothing in my library. Let's browse. Lets browse travel. Cool - Dirty Disney. I like Disney and always wanted to have sex in the monorail. Lets buy it. Lets read it!

    60 minutes later I am here on this blog reading about a ride I have never ever heard of. Sorry. I live on the west coast and have been a Disneyland visitor..not (sadly) a WDW one.

    So now I've sat in front of the computer reading your blog for AT LEAST the last 4 hours. I am sad. I have missed something great here. I am glad I can experience here. Keep up the blog! There are more Horizon fans here!

  7. Got it on kindle. Good read.

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  9. Happy 28th Birthday Horizons! You are one bad motherfucker!

  10. Did Hoot and Chief die, or get selected for a government super-soldier program, or go into witness protection, or have they just lost interest in Disney?

    No blog updates in ages. :(

  11. You guys gonna write anything soon???WTF?