Sunday, December 6, 2009

150 Cool People!

The "Cool person Count" has reached 150!

We could never had imagined it. Thanks again, Horizons fans!


  1. This is my favorite blog EVER, for this week and even next.
    Seriously, every time I rode Horizons, I wanted to jump off the Omnimover and live there, but I was too chickenshit, so, as a punishment, I now live in Columbus, Ohio. You guys not only did it, but documented it, and, for that, I bow down and thank you. "If you can dream it, then you can do it" indeed. A sincere thank you for both having the cojones in the first place and then sharing the product of those cojones. Wait, that wasn't quite what I meant...but you get the drift. Thank you.

  2. "I wanted to jump off the Omnimover and live there"

    You said it Matteo, it was that compelling/immersive. I imagined shuttling between all the communities. Too cool.

    This site gets better and better.

  3. Matteo, glad you like it. I like your blogs as well. Dayton Ohio can't be all bad can it? I mean it's no Nova Cite but it's better than.......well......Lisbon Ohio?

    I was born in Sandusky!

    Well, I hereby declare that Nova Cite is actually Dayton Ohio! In 2080 they change the name and completely rebuild the city!

    "So shall it be" sayeth the Hoot.

  4. Hoot, just a confirmation that George McGinnis apparently hates the two of you for doing this. I used to have an occasional email correspondence with him regarding COP, but the last time I wrote him, I mentioned your blog (have you seen this), and he's never written me back since. Didn't even acknowledge when I wished him a happy b-day!

    I guess it's seen by him as you two desecrated his work, though I think his disgust, anger, etc is misdirected. I agree with your post a few weeks back; Disney corp tore it down without a second thought. Frankly I'm surprised they haven't leveled COP after all these years, but the tie-in with Walt is still quite strong, so maybe it'll still be with us another 5 years.

    I don't know what his daughter's beef would be, other than she's taking sides with her dad and the desecration of part of his legacy. Don't get me wrong, I think George is a super talented man and am grateful for the amazing work he did on Horizons, not to mention Space Mountain, Adventure Through Inner Space, et al. And the robots in The Black Hole too.

  5. And who exactly might you be? You know I really dont get all this anonymous commenting on here anymore. Why all the secrecy? Like this is some law breaking blog, and there is some group out there just waiting to catch all of us and put us all in jail.

    You know, I post as CHIEF because that is what Hoot has called me for many years, like 'hey pal' or 'hey chief, whats up?', and it seemed kinda neat for the blog, because its like we are two characters that had this awesome adventure and are now telling our story. But its never really been about trying to hide my real identity, and it certainly is not hard for anyone to figure it out either.

    Ed Barlow (Cecil Edward Barlow Jr.)

  6. Ditto, Chief!

    Folks, we don't CARE if McGinnis hates us. We're not here to kiss ass for any reason. This blog is for the hardcore fans of Horizons and that's that. In fact Horizons could have used Marc Davis. Just a thought.

    The people involved with Horizons might hate us but did they get pissed when Disney tore it all down? Nope. Puppets are "yes men".

    To this I say "Fuck you". We loved Horizons and we'll do whatever we can to preserve it.


    Hoot (David Ernest Ensign) Gibson.

  7. Hoot & Chief not only did us a tremendous service by documenting their travels in and around Horizons, but people who may be mad or upset should also know that Hoot & Chief rendered a great service in helping to document Horizons from some very helpful angles for the sake of any posibility Horizons could be re-constructed in some form. Before all we had was a view from the ride. Now us who truly love Horizons and highly respect George McGinnis and his expertise in designing Horizons to have a much-more in-depth understanding of how a faithful re-creation of Horizons should be proliferated so as to insure a faithful rendering of the show will be the ultimate result, all this in honour of George and all the designers, producers and contributors to what is known as the Horizons pavillion. It's insurance that if any of the data that pertains to the workings of Horizons is ever lost at one point, someone else in this wonderful fan-based support group can save the day by closing any gaps of where any lost data my occur at any given place or time.

    Disney merely threw Horizons away apperantly without so much a care as to whether there will be any future interest in it, thereby destroying George's work forever, but those of us who have dilligently made accurate documentation of Horizons work in good faith that the legen of Horizons will be essentially preserved in as much detail of the original as possible, and once again, with due respect to all who have made their contributions in the original creation of Horizons.

  8. Hoot and Chief, we demand a new video of you two in modern day, wearing goofy 90's jean shorts and talking about your adventures! That would be awesome!