Friday, February 12, 2010

Base Camp

Hey look, Chief isn't dead after all!! :) Sorry for the extended absence folks.

Anyways, here is a clip of what we liked to call our "Base Camp". This was shot by yours truly on my huge JVC VHS camera. Ill dig the thing out and put the actual model number etc.. if anyone cares. And the beginning where it appears messed up is how it actually is on my VHS tape, not something from me converting it to mpeg. I left it in there because I think its neat seeing Hoot in a psuedo slow motion. Heh.

So Hoot describes in the video where this location actually is, but yeah, it was situated underneath the kitchen and daughters room area. It wasnt super convienent, I remember having to crawl to get to this spot, but it seemed like the best "not common maintenance travel area" we could find that we could put our stuff down and go out on little trips to take pictures, record audio, etc... and then come back. That way we didnt have to lug our backpacks and gear with us everywhere.

Enjoy, and in the days/weeks to come I will be posting more video clips shot by me. And then Hoot will become even more famous, because he is in alot of them. :) Ohh, and once again I am embarassed to hear my own voice and stupid laugh in this clip. :(


  1. Awesome video. Get's my vote for the most "you are there" feeling out of all of them. Thank God for you guys.

  2. Excellent! I'm glad you left that first part on. It's funny to watch myself chew gum in slow-mo

  3. There's something you might find odd about this video. Remember, this time period was all pre-youtube and video on the web was scarce at best. We had no idea that we'd EVER put this stuff online or that it would be possible to do so.

    So who were we talking to? Who were we giving a tour to via video? It fits perfect on youtube, and we're glad we can share this with you, but in all actuality.............

    We were talking to Hoot and Chief of the future! We wanted to remind ourselves how fucking fun this was! We were going to pop this shit into a vintage vcr at the old folks home in the year 2050 and thoroughly enjoy ourselves!

    What you're witnessing here is our personal time capsule opened early for your enjoyment and ours:)

  4. Well I'll second Kyle and give a hearty Thank You once again. This is a great video - even with the near chicken-bag shot at the get-go :-)

    I love hearing the music and audio tracks in the background. It really fires the synapses in my brain that contain some really great memories of when my redhead and I were young and so was EPCOT.

    Although it was only last year, it seems like a long time ago that I called my wife in and showed her this strange little video I found where someone set a camera in Horizons and shot 3 minutes of a harvester going up and down. I was transfixed and in awe of it and am so glad you guys are still taking the time to post this stuff.

  5. So , was 'base camp' at ground level and the attraction built up off the floor?

    The complexity of the sets construction is amazing.

  6. Can't find another way to contact you guys, so I'll just put this here... if you thought the crystals in space looked hokey and unrealistically large, check this out:

  7. Captain Schnemo, I was just looking at those pics on yahoo! news. That is simply amazing! I can't believe how small those explorers look climbing on them. Yep, the crystals in the Horizons space lab are dinky compared to these.

    For future reference our email is Drop us a line!

  8. Jamest, I don't know where we were as far as floor level goes. We might have been on ground level because the floor was solid concrete and there were crazy I-beams. I'll have to look at the blue prints we were given a couple of months ago.

    The I-beams made good seat though:)

  9. Yes those Naica mine crystal pictures are incredible. They seem ready-made for Photoshopping in Hoot & Chief plus a few of our animatronic friends.

  10. Just be sure to Photoshop OUT my chicken bag. Ya know what? Fuck it. I might as well post a picture of my sack and get it over with:)

  11. I think I heard the kid in the kitchen scene say that. "Ice Cream?" "Bologna?" "Chickenbag?"