Sunday, March 28, 2010

20,000 Leagues Under the Gun -part two

When we last left our brave heroes they were in a jam! Forced to take refuge behind a rock, in which a blinking octopus stood guard, Hoot and Chief waited.....

The hiding space wasn't very big and didn't provide a much needed view of the oncoming ride vehicles.

Hoot took a peek.

No empty cars!

Just then the unthinkable happened. The ride stopped running!

They waited......

They could hear some little kid talking to his dad.

Just then the little cuss saw something...

The kid actually spotted Hoot!

Hoot pulled himself in tighter. This must have been the longest breakdown in history. Minutes turned into tens of minutes. There was simply no way out.

Eventually hunger set in and poor Chief, with no "Hot Pockets" on hand, snapped.

Human beings stand little chance of surviving under these conditions.

Hoot started to look mighty tasty! Chief was going for the breast meat. (he doesn't like chicken on the bone)

Suddenly the ride started up again!

It was time to get out of there.

Chances were slim that they'd get an empty car without being seen.



  1. Another GREAT comic!

    I love the last panel!

  2. I think my fav is the epic snapping moment. :) keep them coming!

  3. Does anyone else remember the "clicking" of the octopus.

    Great job fellas!

  4. Oh man! I love the comics to augment the awesome blog! Keep it coming guys!!!

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