Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank you to our pals we met through this blog

Sunnycide found a lump in her breast. It was diagnosed as cancer and extremely aggressive.

My dear Sunnycide is nothing but tough. She went through it all with a smile on her face determined to beat it and she did. Chief and I, of course were by her side.

Here's the invite of a lifetime for "Mesa Verde Times" cool people. JOIN US as we walk for breast cancer in Orlando on Oct. 17th. Be on the Sunnycide team because we aren't throwing out candy.....we're throwing out film clips and ACTUAL RIDE PROPS! Think we're bullshiting? You don't know us very well then:)

Click here

When you get there, Click on "Join a Team" over on the right. Search for "Kim's Crew for the Cure". Click and join up. We'll be walking because we only run when we're getting chased through an attraction.

Please, MVT cool people, Chief and I have never asked for anything but for you to enjoy our stories. We made this blog because it was free and we could share our adventures to you without cost. THIS IS THE ONLY THING We've EVER ASKED FOR. Join us!

Write us here

Do it for Sunnycide.


  1. Wish I could be there guys. I'm happy to hear that Sunnycide is doing well. Hang in there, we Horizons folk stick together no matter what.

  2. I can't be there for the walk, but I can certainly donate to her team and request a matching gift from my employer. Done and done! Good luck with the walk, Kim!

  3. You've got my prayers and hope for the best possible outcome. I hope she kicks it's ass seven ways to Sunday!

    I can't be in Orlando during that time but expect a donation to her team from myself and my husband.

    Whoop it's ass Sunny!

  4. Same from me; you guys are awesome and are in my prayers. good luck to you and sunnycide!

    I hope I might see you guys there. I'm supposed to be out, but i get back that night, and I might try to go and support those there. I'm a poor college kid, but I'll try to donate too!