Monday, May 16, 2011

Destination D Walt Disney World

Wow. That was the most fun I have had in a long time.

I honestly didn't think it would be THAT kick ass but it was. When Chief, who is a member of D23, asked me if I wanted to go I said yes mostly because it would be a reason to spend time with him for two days on Disney property. I didn't think we'd see anything of merit because I've grown to think that the history of Walt Disney World wasn't very important to the company or Disney fans.

Hoot Gibson was wrong. here are some things that blew me away:

The Western River Expedition flow through video. That's more WRE material than I ever thought existed! Wonderful.

DreanFinder, the REAL fuckin' DREAMFINDER, singing "One little Spark" with Richard Sherman........... LIVE!

WDW construction pics.

The folks at the Disney Archives like Hoot and Chief!

Debbie Dane Brown, the 1971 Ambassador, likes Hoot and Chief and hugged us at will!

We met fellow bloggers. The exact guys who inspired me to start Mesa Verde Times. Check it out.

Left to right:

1. George of fame! Great material and I can't believe we finally got to meet him.

2. Dr Joe, official Surgeon General of Mesa Verde Times. It was great to hang out with him for the entire weekend. Joe drinks beer and so do I ..........we drank us some beer! We also met his wonderful family. We're working on some WEDCON stuff with Joe.

3. Hoot Lariat Gibson

4. Thunder Chief my dear pal.

5. Michael Crawford of Progress City USA! Love this blog! I was sort of nervous to meet this guy because his blog is very professional and I wasn't sure if he liked our stuff or not.

6. Chris Wallace was there as well. He gave me a free t-shirt on Saturday but i got drunk Saturday night and lost it. Debbie Dane must have it. Wink wink. He's doing wonderful work and his renderings are beautiful. Click on his name, suckas!

We had fun. We found ourselves in a an employee break area or two.......or three looking for sweet retro trash cans:

..and meeting up with old "pals"

Good times


  1. have you guys seen the Horizon costumes on ebay:

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  3. Looks like y'all had a blast! It kills me that I couldn't be there!

  4. Awesome. Wish I could've been there! Hope to see you guys in June at the Hadley's Hope CD Release show, though.

  5. Just like Hoot and others said -- Destination D was awesome.

    It certainly exceeded my expectations, especially the music finale which was incredibly performed -- marching band, Disney choir/singers, orchestra, Richard Sherman. Dreamfinder and figment were like rock stars and the Epcot music selections were performed just like the originals.

    Someone (I think Michael C.?) remarked that it really felt like Disney was finally acknowledging the achievement of early Epcot, and I totally agree. The sessions they presented and the cheers that Horizons and other classic Future World attractions drew were definitely noted by the D23 team.

    There were quite a bit of unknown details uncovered, including
    Hoot's middle name. Chief goes only by one name, just like Elvis! And to hang out with fellow Horizon's fans like Hoot and Chief, now 'that's cool'.

    Now, if this energy can translate into a return of what made Epcot great -- the original mission to "..entertain, inform and inspire, and above all
    .. instill a new sense of belief .. to shape a world that offers hope to people everywhere.", only time will tell. Classic Epcot did this perfectly and I hope we will see further celebration and more archive details of Horizons! -- Dr. Joe

  6. ZOMG that last photo is priceless. The look on your face, Hoot -- cat + canary. Holy hell I love you boys.

  7. HAHA! We love you too, Dave Cobb!

  8. Meeting Chief and Hoot was astounding! It is hard to believe you are real people!!!

  9. I think I sat in front of you guys during one segment. Definitely an amazing weekend.

  10. Same here, George. We didn't think we'd meet ya'll. That was the best part of the weekend:)

  11. I've been so tickled to hear the reports of how much history was celebrated at D23. It's nice to know how many people get it.

  12. Hoot, was that you that gave us the beer at the Polynesian on Saturday? The dude looked just like you, saying he had to leave and gave us 3 or 4 cold ones on ice. And damned if I didn't see Chief staring down the Tiki Room on Friday night..?
    That last pic is awsome!
    I wish I wouldv'e had just 3 more days of vacation left

  13. Wow. It's hard to remember Saturday. We WERE at the Poly on Saturday for sure but I don't usually give out beer. Maybe I did:) Last weekend was kick ASS!!!

  14. The youtube upload of Dreamfinder and Richard Sherman witnesses a fantastic moment. I wish there could be even more vids from that event -
    to that I would say Shwing!

  15. Nice Horizon symbol t-shirts! Where did you get them??

  16. You guys gonna be at the D23 Expo in a few days? I'll be there....

  17. I want those shirts. Where can I get me those shirts.