Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wow, look at what has landed at ThemeParkConnection

It looks like ThemeParkConnection has just gotten in another piece of Horizons history, have a look at their facebook page here. It appears to me this could actually be the model that was hanging upside down in one of the bubble windows, you know before you picked what kind of journey you wanted to go on at the end. We showed some pictures of them back in this post.

Direct link to their wall photo.

Cant wait to hear what kind of price this is going to go for.


  1. Holy crap Disney's buying it all back... psyce
    I stumbled on it and was going to post but you guys were already on it

  2. Called in;
    A retired Imagineer wanted to go on vacation, and sold it to them. He showed them how it works; it apparently still functions.

  3. This should be shared just like the bunny in elementary school.

  4. Cool link! Wish they had put some object next to it in the photo on the facebook page, just to get a sense of scale. I was never fortunate enough to experience Horizons. Was this model life-size?

  5. Lol; no. It's really small; I imagine Hoot and Chief could attest to that. The life size one is still in france, I believe. I was there yesterday, to check it out. They have it in display next to the Moon shot capsule; the tiny model one that was in the moon's eye. The capsule is only a little smaller than the model craft.

    seen on this page:

    It's maybe a foot long (give or a take a couple inches). Anyway, I was there to take a lot of photos; I want to make a model, hopefully a working model (which will most likely lead to redesign). I'll try to post some if I get a chance.

    Also, I'm not sure you guys are aware, but I figured I would inform you: as you drive up, there is a familiar vehicle right outside of their door. I recognized it instantly; then nearly went ape-poo. I just wish I'd thought to take a photo of that before I left; I kicked myself last night after leaving. I had to double check to make sure what it was; I couldn't find a photo here, so I watched Martin's video. Its wooden frame neatly crumbling outside of their front door is none other than the kelp-SEAWEED!-Kelp! collection sub. (At least, that's always what I figured it was doing)

    Had to copy the image from the video; no one had one:

  6. Now Reduced to the Low, Low, Price of $3800.

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