Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Close-up departure

A closer view of the right side. I'm not going to post all of the pics I took of this sign for now. I'll post all of them at the end though. Like I said, there are so many similar shots out there so I'll save mine for a massive bundle when I run out of material.

Speaking of that, I have posted 119 of my personal pictures so far not counting what Chief posted or the pics I grabbed from ebay. 119 and, folks, and we aren't even close to the end:)


  1. Does anyone have those fonts by any chance?

  2. So true that this is similar to If You Had Wings. I loved that ride. Like Horizons it was so mellow and almost always empty.

  3. Funny you bring that up, I have been listening to the "If you Had Wings" audio a lot in the last few days. Even the Mesa/Brava/Sea Castle announcements had counterparts: "Attention please- Eastern Airlines Flight 19- your holiday cruise to the emerald beauty of a Puerto Rican rainforest.."

    Don't think I ever rode that one, though.

  4. I remember being pissed as a kid that I couldn't seem to get to the other destinations. I always wished there was more than one ride in there if that makes any damn sense ;)