Friday, September 4, 2009

Waiting For The Gap

Here is a short clip to go along with the recent photos that Hoot has been posting. A little exterior shot during the daytime, and then a little bit in the queue area. We are waiting for 'the gap' of course, and as you hear me say, it was usually the only unpleasant part of our adventures. We wanted to get inside the ride, not hang around in the queue area all day. :)

Hoot is showing how we would use the mirrors in the entry hallway to let us know when someone was entering the door. So generally we would be down in the lower part, with myself watching the load belt and counting cars, and Hoot standing in a good spot that he can see the mirrors so he could tell when someone had just walked in the door. If I had counted enough empty cars and there was no one walking in the door, then we would know we had a decent gap of empty cars surrounding us for our ride. Make sense? :)

Anyway, hope everyone has a great labor day weekend, enjoy!


  1. Quick question. Where were the car numbers located? I remember pics of the vehicle that was on ebay that had a number on the back, but it looks like you guys were able to see the numbers from the sets.

    Were they also in order? I would think that after a while, they would have made repairs or used some spares and shuffled them around a bit.

    Ok, I lied. That wasn't a quick question...

  2. I'm sure youve all seen this...
    the family who the animatronics were based on: