Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy 26th Birthday Horizons! We love you and you'll always be here with us!

-Hoot and Chief


  1. Then Horizons is as old as me. :)
    I really hope ther are some secret plans to celibrate its 30th birthday with opening it again in place of wonders of life. This time in a pavillion done be a star architect like Santiago Calatrave (It´s a shame that nowadys Railwaystations an Museums look more futuristic than the so called Experimental Prototype Comunity of Tommorow!) and with upgraded technology and a storytelling more oriented to visionaries of the past, the won´t be dated in the decades to come. Why not make an omnimover with shaking vehicle for better simulation, similar to Indy and Dinosaur? And people should be given more interactivity, like one ride Option with very fast movements and ond more slow, family friendly one. Also there you be to different narations, one very easy to understand for children and one with many scientific facts, and of course there must be different endings, maybee more than three. Of course it would be expansive, but I´m sure it would be a big hit and WDI should clone the attraction for Tomorrowlands around the world and Discoveryland. It Would also fit inte Mysterious Islands in TDS.

  2. I remember the first day I saw it. It wasn't even officially one month old yet. My family had just arrived to WDW for the first time ever that afternoon. After checking in at the Contemporary Resort, we decided to hop on the monorail and ride to the TTC where we switched to monorail Coral bound for EPCOT Center. We were even offered a ride up front with the pilot/driver... IT WAS AMAZING! I'd never seen EPCOT before so this was an incredible treat sitting under that giant slanted glass seeing everything...and there was Horizons... *sigh* It's still like a dream...

  3. wonders of life 20 years too!
    wonders of life misses his old nieghbor!
    horzons happy b day too