Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nice pod cast

"Jared T" tipped us off to this pod cast from

It's an honor that they chose to focus on "Mesa Verde Times". Many thanks to them.

Good stuff through and through. I like the fact that they use foul language and aren't afraid to to voice their opinions. They call Chief and I "Ballsy" 37 times as well.

The one thing that we need to make clear is that Horizons was NEVER empty. Some of our pics and video may make it seem that way but Future world was always slow later in the evening. Horizons was so busy that sometimes we didn't get a "gap" and had to go home empty handed.

Good show from Micecast and I plan to listen to all of their casts.


  1. We had a a lot of fun talking about your adventures.

  2. Very cool, I enjoyed the podcast as well, good job Mike, Greg, and Shaft. :)

    I do want to make one comment tho, now that I have listened to it, and just as Hoot mentions above. Horizons wasn't empty like you guys say a couple times. Those pictures we have of the empty cars, thats our 'Gap'. It seemed like at the beginning of your podcast you guys grasped the concept of our 'Gap', where we needed empty cars ahead of us, and behind us, to allow us time within a set without having guests riding by looking at us.

    One of my video posts coming up, I am going to show a few of the places we would 'spy at' the cars, so we could find a 'Gap' while inside the ride for one of our extended adventures. It was easy of course to judge a gap from outside in the queue area, but from behind the scenes, it was a different story.

    Anyways, again great stuff, it seems like you guys enjoy the tales of our adventures, so thanks for taking the time to talk about it in one of your podcasts. :)

  3. Ohh, and one other thing I forgot. At the time we did this, we were not 18-19, we were both 31 years old.

    But yes, 10 years later, we do look a bit different now than how we looked in those pictures and videos. :)

  4. I just found this site the other day and love the secret inside look at my favorite ride of all time! Keep up the posting!

    Very funny you guys did this at the age of 31 too. I'm 25, and lost the youthful nonchalance to risk something like this at least a couple of years ago. That's not an insult, just envy on my part! :-)

    Oh, and when will you guys be posting on the Rio Del Tiempo blog? I'm not a big fan of that ride, but I can't imagine the adventures to be had in such a small place, I'd love to hear about it!

  5. Great site! I found it after hearing the Micecast podcast (that sounds so redundant.) Thanks for making these photos public... and thanks to the guys at Micecast for mentioning it.

  6. The Micecast gangs are good friends of mine as part of the disney podcast network which i founded and Mike (Micecast) now manages. Love to have you guys on the Meandering Mouse Podcast as well soon. I did one of the very first Horizons tribute podcasts back in the day which has gathered over 20,000 downloads...i still get feedback from it. There are a lot more cool people out there than we think ;)

  7. Listening (way late lol) now.

    Can't believe you were 30+ and ballsy like this lmao.. I figured yall to be 16-17 at the time just out of shear audacity. I'd of tried this WITH you guys, but in my teens, early 20's.. 30+, that's some risk! And it brings to light when you repeat with passion, "We had to document!". Epic stuff.