Monday, April 19, 2010

Mesa Verde Control Booth

Look at these two crappy shots! They were all I had when Horizons closed and, like I've said before, who would want to go on living if this was the only record of this scene? Not me.

The girl however looks better in these older shots for some reason.


In the future we will have no need for Plasma, LCD, or HD. Mankind will actually revert back to TV tube technology. It's true. The Orion Company will lead the global market and produce these monitors from corn based plastics.

SEE! Here are three of the four Orion computers at work in the control booth. Sell your Apple stock NOW! Box up your HD flat and mail it to Hoot and Chief at once! I'm serious because in 2083 you're going to look very uncool:(

They have printers in the future too. They got tired of not having a hard copy of images so a printer rebirth began.
Seriously though, here I go again praising the level of detail in this attraction. Simply amazing.

"Average Front Range 4200. Moderate Temp".

I loved Horizons.


  1. I never noticed her muffin was clearly visible in this scene. Details, details.

  2. They were all about details until Tom Fitzgerald switched out his wet suit for a real suit.

  3. I love the 70s/80s color scheme of earth tones.

  4. Her muffin - you mean the one by the juice - I really had to zoom in to see exactly what you were talking about. I won't say what I thought you meant...

    I am so glad to be one of the last of the cool people - it took me about a week to get through the whole blog from the beginning. I must say, this blog is one of the most interesting things I have ever experienced on the internet!

  5. The touch panels on those 'Orion' monitors look vaguely like Star Trek TNG panels...

    And the goggles on her head...never seemed to notice that before either! Kindof a 'steampunk' touch, IMO.

  6. What was and where was this attraction?