Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cool Buses

Here is another clip from the Chief cam. We are behind the Mesa Verde Grove once again, and I film the awesome backdrop painting with its 'Cool Buses', heh! In this one I have the camera light on a bit more, so you get a somewhat better look at the space underneath and behind the grove. Yet you get to hear me bitching again about how the light eats up the rear battery on my camera so fast. I catch Hoot in the act of setting up his camera to capture our first cool 'In The Grove' shot we posted about last year.

Then I get some video of the awesome 'Orange Machine', hehe. And I had seen the name on the side of the thing probably a dozen times or more by this point, you would think I could remember its proper name. :)

Then I get a shot of the Nova Cite backdrop painting and test our spy area that we would use sometimes to look for empty cars. And at the end of me filming that you get to see Hoot setting up his camera to film that same spot, which we posted footage of last year as well. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome job. That Nova Cite backdrop is spectacular. Even looked great in the Magic Journey's preview intro.

  2. OMG every post keeps bringing me back to the last time I rode Horizons, 1990.

  3. Right when I was thinking "Imagine if they got somebody picking their nose?" -- a little nose-picker went right on by!

  4. Great Movie!!

    It like getting another 'last' ride on Horizons.
    I really hope those backdrops went into storage and not a landfill.

  5. Okay.... I just watched again and....

    So, look at the 3:56 mark. Look at his hand and where her head is.

    Nice future family, damn nice!!!

  6. These movie clips are like little drug injections of happiness in the middle of an otherwise stress-filled period of my life (freakin' unemployment). So thanks H & C.

    I see we are approaching the 200 threshold of blog followers. Yes it's just another number but seems like a good excuse to come to Orlando to buy you guys a beer.

  7. A wonderful new set from you guys. Last part reminds me of some of the slice of life shots in the great movie Kooyanisqatsi

  8. So what did you just realize?? You left us hanging right at the end! Another great vid guys. Thanks.

  9. I feel like if Disney had ever done what you guys did and actually observed how enraptured people were on the ride...
    who are we kidding, they still would've screwed it up somehow. Thank goodness y'all had the foresight to make sure this awesome thing didn't leave this Earth unnoticed and unremembered.