Saturday, May 15, 2010


I guess we've reached the point where our blog is popular enough to attract spammers from all corners of the globe! That's really saying something for sure.

I'll try to do a better job of deleting these comments even though I like it when Chinese people tell us that God loves us. I'm not into the selling of handbags as much.

Just don't click on anything Chinese and you'll be fine.


  1. I clicked on something Chinese last week... and was hungry two hours later.

  2. You know you've arrived when you get spam :)

  3. Welcome to the big time boys!

  4. Mmm.. SPAM - Lovely SPAM - Wonderful SPAM!

  5. So you're saying Nigerian princes don't like Horizons? Well, I disagree. And I gave them my bank account number, because they said they were buying the Horizons vehicle from SurplusKingdom.....Wait a second, the Horizons vehicle is at Mouse Surplus. Aw dammit!

  6. Chief and I have won the World Lottery 17 times simply because our email address was chosen!

    We have also been approached by African widows looking for some god loving person to take care of their rich husband's millions!

    Our long lost Uncle, with the last name of Mesa Verde, has died 12 times and we are the only heirs to his estate!

    The results:

    1. The world lottery refuses to send a check to our PO Box:(

    2. Even though were god loving guys who can be trusted, the widows will not send a check to our PO Box :(

    3. Our Uncle and oil baron, Jim Mesa Verde, keeps rising from the dead, re marrying, only to die and leave another worried widow to contact us. When he finally dies for good we'll get our cash!