Monday, April 4, 2011

Excellent graphics

Mesa Verde Times pal Evan Alporque came up with these kick ass graphics in Photoshop. If you use them in your projects, for texture maps etc, please give him credit and $400 in Thai currency. Enjoy!

Space Crystal Lab panel.

Lab Patch.

Shuttle Port Santa Maria seating chart.

Easy Living wallpaper.

Sea Castle improvised Menu.

All fine examples of someone using our pics to better the world. Thanks, Evan!


  1. Hey guys thanks so much for uploading my pics! I'm continually learning new things in Photoshop and have update many of the graphics. Hope you like the new ones I sent you as well. I'm also looking into making an actual plexiglass replica of the Sea Castle menu with my graphic.

  2. Hell yes! I'll post your new work soon. Well done!

  3. Those are awesome. Great job! I especially like the 'Easy Living Wallpaper'. I want that in my living room.

  4. A side note guys: The Sea Castle menu total should be $ 49.73. The selections orderd were:

    Ut enim ad minimim veniami qus

    consectectur adipscing elit

    Du magna aliquam erat volupat

    labore et dolore

    Lex ea commodo consequat

    Is that Latin?? Whatever they ordered I'm sure it's incredible!!

  5. I'll have several HORIZONS posts coming up on my TOMORROWLOUNGE BLOG.

  6. @Mike Cozart: The text is indeed Latin; it's called Lorem Ipsum, which Wikipedia has a nice little entry on. Basically, it's standard filler text used when presenting a concept for approval in which you don't want to create a lot of actual textual content. (The text is written once a design is approved, often by a different department.) Or in this case, since no one was ever expected to actually read the menu, it's just filler!

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