Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moving Forward

Here are a few things that'll be coming up on MVT:

* More pics of our adventures. Still a bunch more.
* A few more "Hoot and Chief Action Comics" to help tell a few tales.
* "The Prologue and the Promise": What really happened to that painting as told to us by a Disney Pigshot...I mean..BIGSHOT.
* GERO, the Horizons robot you may remember and where he REALLY came from.
* WEDCON 2011 and our involvement with it.
* Audio loops recorded live and through Spike Trippers special 3-D system.

Stay tuned!


  1. yay you guys are posting again this just made my day you guys are awesome keep posting!

  2. Oh... my.. god... is that WEDCON tribute as mind-bogglingly amazing as it appears to be based on the gallery?

  3. Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for us - as well as the WEDCON info & schedule!

  4. I will wager that "The Prologue and the Promise" was given the same 'Eisner Treatment' as the entire attraction received.

  5. holly hell Mesa Verde Times just started the presses back up i have a reason to get up in the morning again ... love all the stories and pics ,comics are great. made a google profile just for this site to tell you .. you guys are freaking kick ass in like 20 or more ways ... KEEP THE POST COMING!!!!