Sunday, December 11, 2011

More on the Horizons Remote Cam

You may or may not already know about the camera that was mounted on top of the Horizons building. Either way it doesn't matter BECAUSE IT'S GONE FOREVER! But, yes, there was a cool camera mounted to a GE GP-66 industrial robot arm. This rig could be controlled from the GE lounge for the amusement of the employees of said GE. I once heard a tool remark how cool it was to zoom in on girls asses on the other side of the park.

PS. I left the cool little blurb from another page on the left side.


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  2. Horizons continues to impress.

  3. Hoot, its Dave (from Dave's Disney View Podcast). I think I mentioned to you that at one point, I worked at GE, and managed to get myself into the GE lounge several times. It was great - and the camera was a lot of fun to play around with.

    I liked the fact that you could get a view of attractions that was otherwise not available.

    And, btw, I used to use it as my own version of checking wait times - point it over toward an attraction and see if there was a line.

    Here's another shot of the camera

  4. Hoot and Chief,

    Found this blog a few days ago and have spent countless hours reading about your adventures. I have a very soft spot in my heart for Horizons and still mourn our loss. Thank you for taking us all on your wild ride. I have learned so much about our favorite place. I only hope that you(and the last of the cool people) continue to leave bits of awesomeness from time to time- I just found you!


  5. We were customers of GE Fanuc and got GE Executive Club cards that gave us access to the lounge. Took advantage of it on just one trip, but we watched the big screen that projected the camera. I think there was free beverages and ice cream, too. Then we went back downstairs and were ushered through a door that put us into the area between the loading and unloading of the Omnimovers where we got a wait-free ride on Horizons.