Sunday, December 4, 2011

Space Mountain

I never go to Disney Parks unless I can get in for free. Yesterday I did just that. I went to the Magic Kingdom for the first time in a year or so.

I haven't been on Space Mountain since the big update but I was very impressed by it. Overall it seems like they shit canned all of the goofy-ness that came with Fed Ex and the "New Tomorrowland" (The kinda junk that made RYCA-1 seem great in comparison) and brought back the same feeling that the original 1975 version had. The audio and art direction were a breath of fresh air in a park that usually makes me bitch all day.

The post show speed ramp still needs help though. It would have nice to see a new version of The Home of Future Living but it's just another low budget show built on the core of the shitty "RYCA-1 Dream of a New World" that replaced HOFL in 1985.

One Scene DID make me happy. The last show scene before the green screen television which features a futuristic living environment, a robot butler, and a backdrop painting of a future city. It ain't much folks but I'll be damned if it didn't give me a jolt of the Horizons feeling all over again. It was like having loved your granny very much, she dies, and years later you see a pretty good wax figure of her at a museum.

Look at these video grabs. The robot is just an old AA armature with some shit slapped on it BUT STILL, it's a robot serving drinks! In a 70's-esq bachelor pad!

Besides, we would have all bitched if they used our old pal here who happens to sport the same footwear.

Rounded bench seating, a sleek table with crazy future shit on it, clear acrylic chandelier....... are you seeing it?

The backdrop was first installed in 1985's "RYCA-1". That makes it only 2 years younger than Horizons. As you see it's a very 80's vision of tomorrow which is perfect in this case. I've never liked it until now.

Like I say, it ain't much but somebody deserves a prize for coming up with this scene. with my luck it was probably Jeff Kurtti.


  1. Wanted to let you know, before they took them out, for a long time there was a suspicious set of glass sculptures in the glass cases in the back (of that scene). One was of a certain golfball, and I'm pretty sure the other was of a familiar pyramid. Unfortunately, I never got a good pic and haven't seen any otherwise, so I can't show them.

  2. its a good day MVT has a new post!!! im goen on space mountion a,s,a,p now !

  3. I think the ending was still all Alex Wright...

  4. I never noticed the thing about the robots having similar feet. It had to have been intentional, you'd think.

  5. Supposedly the inspiration for the exit ramp was Horizons.

  6. I had lunch with the Imagineer who worked on that final scene. I'll dig up his name when I get back from our holiday family visit.

  7. I like the "Horizons theme" of the new end. Except I was getting ran over trying to just take video the scene, the one time I've gotten to see the post show. Regular guests don't give a rat's behind about that cool $%@!. They just want to trample people and yell to try and get back on the ride quicker. Or maybe it is just a select few.

  8. Did you guys see the "Mesa Verde" sticker on the luggage at the beginning of the ramp? If you google "Space Mountain" and "Mesa Verde" you'll find a picture. It's a piece of luggage with four stickers on it - Pluto, Luna Port, Alpha Centauri, and Mesa Verde.