Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bath time

While Chief takes care of the mini farmer girl I'll get back to "Easy living" bath tub chick.
First, it was incredibly hard to run up the spiral staircase and get pics of her. This shot was my first and I wasn't happy with it all. REWIND.

REWIND to the time we were doing this stuff. I would take my pics to my boring desk job and scour them for any detail I wanted to see more of. I made a list based on these pics and checked them off as we got them. The list, which I still have, was really long and it seemed we would never finish it but we wanted every detail documented at all cost.

It's REALLY stupid to jump out of your ride vehicle on a Disney ride and we knew that. I suffered a fractured bone in my foot and Chief cut his head wide open once or twice. This was also pre 9/11 when things were very different.

Attractions close and that's the natural order of things. Ask Mike at Widen Your World. He knows. Somehow Horizons had such an impact on Chief and I as kids, and the time was right, that we had to do what we did at any risk.

Don't try this......EVER


  1. Yeah - one thing I just gotta know is - how did you guys actually get in and out of the cars? I know there was a platform behind them for emergency - but it required the doors to be opened from behind. Did you just find a place where the stage was level and leap out or what? Was there a certain place it was easy for you guys to always get out?

  2. Yes. Through most of the ride the "ground" was right in front of you. The easiest places were as follows:

    Right after the load area you could jump out and run down in the "trench" as we called it to "Easy Living". (past the Robida and Jules Verne scenes)

    The next best place was at Nova Cite and from there all the way until the Space scenes.

    We found out that the ride vehicles themselves were easy to squeeze between. We could access the walkway behind them easily and we often walked the entire ride behind these cars.

    You would think we would have been crushed but in reality they hung loose and one could simply disappear between them.

    This all came after continuous trial and error and please understand that. We ALWAYS thought we'd be caught but we had a job to do:)

  3. Cool. Thanks for the info Hoot! Always cool to hear how you did what I would have never done, but am glad you did :)

  4. OH MY! is it me, or does she actually have a ni**le?!

  5. When you write up your HOW WE DID IT, please, please use pictures to illustrate. This blog is so fascinating!

  6. You should scan in those lists as well--- its all part of your incredible adventure. Again, thanks for sharing!!

  7. I see the mechanism at the top of her "thigh" , i cant remember how this character was animated-- or is it just a hinge or part of the assembly?

  8. Is there going to be an epic entry about you guys dodgin' people? I am dying to hear those stories in detail.

  9. I think Kyle can speak from experience in most attractions, Maintainence shifts don't really explore the ride unless it's broken down or the night shift. Most of the time they stay away from the place. But any Horizons story is automatically a gem!

  10. Kyle, I wonder if it was you that gave us a good chase one evening:)

  11. logan's run rules. nice comparison.

  12. Am I the only person who noticed that there's a bare breast in this picture?

    No? Well, am I the only one who is turned on?