Thursday, June 11, 2009

Space Family

Here's a shot from the star field behind the shuttle scene. I accidentally had my camera on "panorama" but it made for some cool pics.
<--------- See these two grey boxes? They controlled the speed of the two motors that made the kid float. If you thought he looked too much like the vampire boy in "Salem's Lot" you could just turn up the speed to "Kid in the dryer"!

Remember when Pooh Bear was floating around in there too?


  1. I find it amazing that they detailed the mothers face when the guests never could see it. Did move her mouth with her dialogue? and is it me or does her face remind you of the Red headed wench in POTC?

  2. Could be the same head.

    Her mouth was in sync with the soundtrack for sure. She even had eye blink.

    Her son took his shoe off on purpose! He was very bad in school and got poor grades. He was later sent to a military school on Mars.

  3. wow thats alot for her to have when guests dont even see it happen!

    thats what makes me sad that its all gone... there was soo much detail. just like with the Ms. Easy Living in the tub, she didnt have to have a fully sculpted body but they gave her one.

    I wonder if any of the figures are still around? does anyone know if they got repurposed on another attraction?

    I mean so many figures from World of Motion were reused - especially since alot of them were just Pirate molds.

  4. You guys really should have messed with some of the obvious controls (obvious, in that you knew exactly what they did, so they wouldn't be some "Explode Horizons" button). Just for a minute. You know - turn up the orange smellizer so that you'd be supersaturated in the smell and would still be able to smell it today; turn up the floating kid's speed for just a minute to get the hilarity on tape.

    That would have been amazing.