Friday, June 5, 2009

The how to....

There are a lot of people wondering how we did this so I'll try to explain again. This is how it went in the early stages:

1. Chief would hang out right near the load area and watch people get on the ride.

2. Hoot would stay back where people entered the building.

3. Chief would count empty ride vehicles, there had to be at LEAST six ahead of us.

4. Hoot would signal Chief when somebody entered the building. We had to have at LEAST six empty vehicles ahead AND behind us to not be seen.

5. Most of the time Chief would count ten to twenty empty cars before I signaled him that we had six behind us.

6. We'd get on the ride and check our ride vehicle number.

7. As soon as we rounded the corner out of the load area we'd jump out and run like hell to get as far ahead as possible.

8. By keeping count of the cars we had a precise idea of how much time we had in a scene.

We got very good at knowing how much time we had from doing this over and over.

Later, this became old hat and we just stayed in the ride for 8 hours at a time:)We ate dinner there and even washed ourselves in the Mesa Verde Kitchen scene waterfall.


  1. a full 8 hours?!?! where did you do your "business"? and CM's never walked around? although I imagine when GE pulled out they went to a skeleton crew - Disney is known for dropping the number of CMs if the attraction is going to be closed

  2. Flippin' ridiculous. I love it!

  3. Weren't there security cameras and stuff? I understand that taht system would have blinds spots but how did you work around it?

  4. Nope, no security cameras. Believe me, if there were, WE would have been caught, we were all over that ride. Except of course for the cast member areas like break room, restrooms, the mainenance room, etc... we were smart enough to stay away from those areas. We did peak into the center hallway a few times, but pretty much stayed out of there as well.

  5. Why not jump out in the omnimax area? :)

  6. You guys are kings among men. I saw this ride when I was maybe 10, so obviously I didn't have the mental capacity to concoct such a scheme, but I doubt I could've done it even now. [that, and obviously I was stuck with my parents!] Kudos and thank you for this great site!

  7. I wish you guys made a video of jumping out of the vehicles and making the mad dash to avoid being spotted.