Monday, July 13, 2009

The artist

Here's a comment from the creator of those whip ass shirts!

Ivonne R. said...
Oh my god! I can't believe the shirt I made got posted here! I feel so honored. I was just as surprised that the copyright gods didn't descend on me like I thought they would but, thankfully all is well. My boyfriend kept telling me to send you a link to my shirts, but it just didn't feel right for some reason. I guess word of mouth is even better! I'm glad that you like it.-Ivonne (SpookyBear)

I think we can all rest assured that as long as Chief and I keep posting OUR stuff one doesn't have to worry about getting busted for cool stuff like this:) They'll wack us way before they get to you.

By all means, people, send links! Links to your Horizons inspired art, products, music, writings or what have you. We all might be the last people to enjoy this shit so go ahead and share!

Ivonne, listen to your boyfriend next time:)


  1. I want a If You Had Wings shirt. Imagine a seagull, like from the inner globe portion of the ride, with "Widen Your World" underneath it.

  2. Well, since you asked--here's a link to The Horizons Tribute on Yahoo Groups. We've been around for more than 10 years now--kind of hard to imagine in a way, but it just goes to the show the longevity of Horizons' spirit.

    and completely unrelated to Horizons, but of interest to Disney and EPCOT fans, is my EPCOT's Universe of Energy Companion Site. It is--to my knowledge--the most exhaustive site out there on any single Disney attraction.

  3. More cool linkage, this is a MUST have: Disney fonts, including the Prototype series with all the original EPCOT Center logos and even the Horizons building outline logo (similar to, or perhaps even the origin of, the one on the shirt).

  4. Dude those Disney fonts own. Every piece of text on our new album is from one of them. Mouse Deco is my second favorite behind Protoype Community.

  5. I've made my own Horizons piano arrangement! Here's a recording of it from a piano recital.

  6. FIGMENT that is amazing. Can ya' still play it?

  7. I did use the prototype community font for the old school shirt. The Horizons outline of the building I got from the Horizons tribute site on the web. I asked them if I could use it and they were kind enough to give permission. I'm no artist, just a girl who really wanted some old school Epcot shirts.

  8. Yahoo Horizons group is really good.

    I'm working on some Horizons tribute stuff, but in the meantime you can read my blog.

    It's a bunch of my rantings, but once in awhile there's a gem.

  9. Yes Kyle, I can still play the arrangement! That recording is pretty recent. It's my best arrangement so far!

    My brother and I did an entire EPCOT Center musical tribute, him on trumpet and me on synthesizer for our school band concert. I'm still waiting for a DVD of it.

  10. Zero Gravity Basketball? I'm sure you have a picture of it...

  11. Damn! Sorry kyle no picture of that:(

    We do have close up video of it and how it worked though:)

    PS. We have a present for you on Saturday.