Monday, July 6, 2009

Athene Disks

There were three disks laying on the Athene. The label pictured here says 250, athene Micro Video Disk Pack, Advanced Chemistry Unit 4. Get it?
1. Athene was the goddess of wisdom in Greek Mythology. That's an easy one.
2. The subject is "Advanced Chemistry" because of the Chemistry going on between the Daughter and the Beach Boy! Amazing!
3. You would think all three disks were the same. This disk is Unit 4, the others are marked Unit 3 and Unit 2 with Unit 1 running on the computer! THEY TOOK THE TIME TO MARK ALL OF THE DISKS IN THE SERIES!
It blows me away how cool this attraction was.
Stay tuned because there's more on the athene 2500


  1. So Mesa Verde in general was very greek. or did the imagineers have a thing for "Clash of the Titans"?

  2. I think they had a thing for Clash of the Titans! Think about it, it was on HBO all the time in the early 80's. The movie wasn't great at the box office but when it went to cable POW!The strange thing is that the bulk of these references seem to be in the Mesa Verde portion of the ride with a few others scattered around the rest.

  3. There is no hole in the disk. Does it levitate in a magnetic field? But wouldn't that erase the memory? AHH Horizons you blow my mind..

  4. Just a guess...Possibly a reference to 'Project Athena' which was launched at MIT in 1983 with support of DEC and IBM. It was large research distributed computing project.

  5. Oh, the discs of the future don't spin. The computer spins around it. Think about that.

  6. How dare you blow my mind like that after I have been hanging with Gravity all evening.