Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hoot's Nephew

My nephew was just turned on to this blog. He lives down in Lakeland and his name is Tarzan Zambini.

We had hoped this blog would spark kids to learn about Horizons. It's working.


  1. w00t Hoot! Let's see some more pics my man!

  2. Tarzan Zambini? No frakkin' way that's a real name!

  3. Anyone else planning on being there on October 1st to celebrate Horizon's 26th? I'm bringing flowers to put out in front of Mission:Death.

  4. wish I could, will prolly watch the DVD and read the ride manual in comemmoration...

  5. This is the greatest Disney blog in the history of Disney blogs. No other compares. You guys have big brass balls and that you've pissed off some uppity types is icing on the cake. Great work.

    Horizons is my favorite attraction that I've never been on. Like you, I poured over information about the attraction as a kid, but I never had the opportunity to ride it. No longer do I yearn for a visit to Disney World.

  6. Man, these names in your circle are blowing my mind.

    Hoot? Chief? Bionic Fonzi? Sunnycide? Now Tarzan Zambini?