Saturday, January 30, 2010

Easy Living Background solved

Eric_W, Minister of Space Travel Affairs at Mesa Verde Times, has made an incredible discovery. I'm re posting his links from his comments on the first "For Kali" picture:

Read his full comments here


  1. I think the clip of the robot shooting sparks in the "Movies of Yesteryear" show scene is also from Metropolis.

  2. I got all caught up on your blog this weekend during a snowy Saturday.

    Question: we know what the early times were like, and what happened as you guys got more comfortable and started spending hours at a time there. What was the FIRST time like, though? How did you decide to jump out of the vehicles was even possible? Did you just figure you wouldn't get caught, or were you fine with risking being caught? What scene were you in?

    Keep it up, guys. Fabulous work. I, like many, am jealous and impressed.

  3. At first we simply went out to get a few more pictures and some video of the ride before it closed for good. One night, while drinking beer and watching our tapes, we began to ask ourselves "what would happen if we got out of the vehicle"? The next time we went out we looked for ANY type of pressure mat, sensor, or camera. We waved our arms outside of the vehicle to see if that would trigger anything. Nothing happened. We basically WANTED to see if we could trigger something. Chief, being the bravest SOB on the planet, jumped right out and walked almost the entire ride next to the vehicle. The rest is history.

    The first scene was Nova Cite as I recall.

    Remember two important elements that made this all possible. One, it was pre-9/11 which we think was very important. Two, the only risk of getting caught would have been fellow riders seeing us. Horizons wasn't very popular in the evenings so there were many times when it was empty of guests. At least in "gaps" long enough for us to perform our work.

    No, we didn't care if we got caught. We were pretty certain that we would be. The question was how much material could we gather before we got busted or the ride closed for good whichever came first. Gathering this media was more important than getting kicked out, getting hurt or killed, etc. We came close to death more than once and that's no exaggeration.

    We never stole or vandalized. We were very careful not to leave any trace that we were there.

    Our "extended stay" trips began when we realized that the employees had no idea who went in and who came out. We figured they wouldn't miss us if we didn't come out for 6-8 hours. We were right:)

    We also didn't think anyone would care about our adventures 12 years later. It's been amazingly fun for us here at Mesa Verde Times! Thanks to everyone who enjoys this stuff.

  4. You bet we care! This site is really amazing; thank you so much for uploading these treasures!

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