Friday, January 1, 2010

Details- Sub Repair-2010-part one

Happy New Year, folks! We've made it to 2010 without getting spanked:) The holidays are over. I've gained 112 pounds, and drank enough to receive thank you cards from three major breweries.

I'd like to start the year off with some more amazing detail shots in the Sub Repair Bay. We've all done our fair share of Beach Boy Bashing. We've been pretty harsh and now I feel bad. Actually I'm crying.

The Sub Repair Bay was a thing of beauty and a place of many details. Beach Boy had it good with his chicky baby on the big screen, a small computer with sub repair reference (the sub rotated in wireframe) and tons of cool tools!

oooohhh..... Look at her. There aren't enough pictures of her. Did you ever notice she's facing the wrong way in that video? She would have been facing the ride vehicles not her boyfriend! She was talking, men!

The sub repair info on the little monitor is cool but that kid must have had amazing eyesight to see it from where he was sitting. The left side is either on fire or the lights got fruity with my camera.

These cool little props we're on the ledge to the right of the computer. Amazing amazing amazing details in our beloved Horizons.


  1. Being concerned about the dearth of comments I thought I'd note one thing that always drew me to "our redhead" back in the day (and is well depicted in these pictures). Hopefully I won't offend anyone - but, for lack of a better term, it was the boobiness of her outfit. The way that aqua vest thing laid gently over the tan jumpsuit was always one of many things that kept me coming back to Horizons.

  2. Yes, I agree that she is quite attractive. However, has anyone thought that just possibly the main reason she has denied Hoot and Chief an interview is BECAUSE she has read this blog??!
    LOL! :D

  3. Have you guys seen this page?

    Also, yes, the redhead is way hot.

  4. Can anyone access the videos on the kesigndesign page?