Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two More Tools (hehe)

We haven't been able to locate Bionic Fonzi to ask him if it's ok to post his pictures. For now he'll be the King of Pop.
In this shot Chief finds a hidden speaker and is overjoyed to say the least! Fonzi did the moonwalk and damn near fell down the hole:(
Good times.


  1. Happy New Years, Hoot and Chief! Can't wait to see what 2010 brings to MVT! Anyways, I see that there appears to be what looks like water on the sub window....a nice little detail that riders would never notice. What do you think the "water" was? Glue gun perhaps?

  2. Hey, M! Thanks. Mucho good stuff headin' your way:)

    I'm willing to bet it was clear epoxy resin. It doesn't look exactly right to me but epoxy doesn't run like water......unless you hit it gently with a heat gun.

    The name Hoot Gibson is Native American for "store house of useless information".

  3. Ahhhh the details. As for Michael, you know he would have paid big money to sneak around Horizons. Maybe he did...? He would have LOVED Mesa Verde Times. There's a chance he DID love MVT before he died. Who knows? I would not doubt it. Hoot, you said Horizons was one of his favorite attractions (in addition to Pirates and Space Mountain). Maybe he got the idea of sleeping in an oxygen chamber while he was on Horizons viewing all the great future living??

    Anyway, I'm also looking forward to the upcoming year here on this blog. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Is Michael Jackson holding a phaser there?

  5. @nebula666: yep, a 35mm phaser. ;)

  6. were you supposed to see out the front of those subs?