Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday PAN-O-RAMA

Like I mentioned before I was prone to hitting the "panorama" switch on my camera. Well hell! It was dark and then the switch was right where my thumb rested.

Anyway it made for a few interesting shots:)


  1. Hey Hoot - what gives with BUK (Blue Ugly Kid)? In the last post his hat is pink - in this one it's blue and he's leaning back more towards rosacea-faced Dad?

  2. Gotta love that stylish pink jumpsuit the dad is wearing. I wonder why those never caught on?

  3. HAHA! Eric W, you don't miss a thing!

    The panorama was taken long before the other shots. At that time we didn't know we could stay in the ride so we didn't crawl into the scene. Some poor douche working there (the same poor douche that didn't take any pics the entire he/she was employed) probably had a box full of paper party cone hats with instructions to replace it every year. IF he or she wasn't sleeping during their third shift work week.

    I don't have much sympathy for people who WORKED on Horizons every day yet didn't take any pictures. It blows my mind. Imagine what a blog that could have made? Instead they left it up to us regular visitors. Shame.

  4. Just an FYI, if these panorama shots were taken with an Advantix type camera, there's a good chance the original negative is a full-sized image. Many Advantix cameras took every negative as a standard shot, and it would mark the negative if the panorama switch was active, so that the photo printer would know to crop it and print it on long photo paper. So if you were able to (carefully!) pull the negative out and scan the frame, you'd have a full-sized image!

  5. Going through here in one fell swoop, the prop the mom holds changes too. In one set of photos she's holding what appears to be a sippy cup, and in these she has a toy. Too much time on my hands!