Thursday, November 25, 2010

First Audio Clips

We finally got around to capturing our audio collection!

Keep in mind that these are live recordings. There are great studio tracks out there but these are unique in that you'll get the feeling of being in the ride at a certain place.

1998 is long gone so close your eyes and imagine you're inside Horizons.

This first batch contains the three tracks from the "Travel Posters" which were on your left just before you entered the load area.

Thanks again to the boys at Cartoon Basement for hosting these. Much more to come!


  1. I like the way she says "Verde" with kind of an Italian accent to it.

  2. We are back! I'm 2 for 2 and I SWEAR to post almost every day.

    MVT forever!

  3. If you can do that, then I'm going back to posting on my allthingswdw blog (

    New post coming today!

  4. These are live? They sound great! Thanks guys!

  5. Audio gold. I would rather have a lone speaker on a pole playing these in the place where Horizons used to be than that murderous, Hal 9000 contraption that stands there now. It is so damn underwhelming walking through the Communicore breezeway now. What used to be an imposing sight is some Bay Area modern art abortion. Talk about shootin' a man's horse. BLAM.

  6. Something I never noticed before...Sea Castle is in the Pacific! I had always imagined it to be in the Gulf somewhere or the Carribian.

  7. Wow, these are great---how did you get such clean recordings-- its ok-- i dont need to know. LOL


  8. I just love listening to Corey Burton do that voiceover for 'Brava.'

  9. "Eric_w said: I like the way she says "Verde" with kind of an Italian accent to it."

    She did? Her accent sounded completely American to me.