Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just in Time For The Holidays!

Mesa Verde Times pal, Casey, sends us these delicious offerings:

"Howdy again. This is probably on your radar already, but I just today
realized that some of the crazy apples are in Innoventions - I took
the below picture today."

"This is inside of some weird fridge of tomorrow or something display.
If you hadn't seen it before, there you go. If you had, promptly
ignore me."

We hadn't seen it for sure as we don't go to Epcot anymore. Here's another from Casey from the newly re-opened "One Man's Dream" Exhibit

Now we have a reason to visit Hollywood Studios! Thanks, Casey!


  1. Be sure to visit Michael from Hadley's Hope at GMR when you go to Hollywood Studios! If he's working that day you can ask for him in the queue and they'll coordinate it so you get his show.

  2. A bit of a connection to the GMR from today here at the Eric_w household; while my awesome redheaded wife and I were cooking thanksgiving dinner (and making a sweet triapple pie for dessert) we put on "The Searchers", a John Wayne movie from 1956 that's featured in the entry line for the GMR. We've always wanted to see it since seeing the trailer in the queue and today was the day.

  3. HEHE! I still like the GMR. I think the AA figures are still the shit.

  4. Fridge of tomorrow...held together with twine? And notice also the poor'd think they could have put something over his shoulder so he wouldn't look all cyborg (I think it was a cape in the original attraction, since he's holding the top hat).