Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yep. Hoot and Chief's hearts are broken.

We hear all the time that people hate this blog because they feel that we somehow ruined the very attraction we tried to preserve. It's painful for us. It leaves us sad and empty because we can't understand how our work was about anything but love. We risked our lives to preserve Horizons.......OUR LIVES.

Did Disney try to persevere Horizons? Hell no. They tore it to the ground without a second thought. We knew this would happen so we did what we did. We had to. We risked our existence on Earth to make sure Horizons would be remembered.

Now this blog has sparked an amazing rebirth that appeals to THOUSANDS of people worldwide! It's an amazing thing that we never thought would happen!

Horizons will not be forgotten. In fact more interest in it will grow as people look toward a positive tomorrow.

This post is for Shana:) Please understand why we did what we did.


  1. Don't pay them any mind gentlemen. People typically act out against something when they are jealous. Although you did risk your lives and go against the Disney canon, "Not to leave your ride vehicle," which one of us can say they haven't done something that flies in the face of logic or the established legal code for something or someone you feel passionate about.

    I have spent many a moment on the internet looking at Horizon's blogs and websites, but none seem to truly recreate the experience and make it come to life for me as much as yours does. Your meticulous exploration and interaction with this attraction has truly preserved it and created a new plane upon which fans can re-experience the attraction in a way that many of us could only dream of.

    Pay no mind to the detractors, I for one am unbelievably appreciative that you decided to share your media with us so that we may be able to live vicariously through your experiences. Your documentation has brought this once deceased attraction back to life in a very new and vivid way.

    Thank you for everything you do (and did)!

  2. "Remember Us"

    As simple a request an attraction can make.

    For Horizons did not wish song or tribute...nor tales of valor and commemorative pins.

    Remember us...

    For any free soul who should come across that place in the countless centuries ahead...let their animatronic voices whisper to you from the ageless ground. Go tell of Verde to the Passerby, that by Disney, and by Disney Law they died.

    "Remember us..."

    And time has proven him wise...For to Free Geek to Freek Geek the word has spread. And now, an Army of 16,000 Horizons Fans against 70,000 Tourists, good odds for any Horizons fan! There, they stand cowering, helpless to think of the fate they suffered at the hands of 300!


  3. If someone feels that your photos and video footage ruins the attraction for them, then why are they reading your blog? Is someone holding a gun to their head?

    Please keep up the incredible work!

  4. Would I or could I do what you guys did!? Not a chance! Was it wrong? first I had mixed emotions. As the blog unfolded, it almost seemed like the two of you were getting out of your ride vehicles! "Wait a minute...I'm simply not reading this right! Let me start over!"
    Low and behold, re-reading the information did not change a darn thing. These guys really DID get out of their ride vehicles! They're CRAZY!That's just not right!!!! But OH the treasures and secrets that were revealed by your actions. For the fans of the attraction, you could not have offered any more. My mind suddenly changed thoughts from "Like, OH MY GOD!" to "You guys are heros!"
    It's funny how we can sometimes justify breaking the law when the benfits outweigh the penalties. So even though the shock value will never wane, you have given us something that Disney did not. Does that make it wrong? Technically yes. Will the fans stone you for it? Not in a million years!!

  5. Anyone with a problem with this blog is a complete wanker. Think about it- you love the ride, it is COMPLETELY gone off the face of the Earth, the only things we have had left are home video and short promo clips and along comes this wealth of visual history and your only reaction is to start hatin'? I say you go straight to hell if you have spewed hate toward MVT. You're not a real Horizons fan to begin with you dipshits.

  6. Yeah, what he ^ said! Plus, Hoot & Chief did what everyone who ever rode Horizons wanted to do. They just had larger nutsacks than most and actually did it - not to be stupid vandals but rather to lovingly document the place. A right or wrong argument really isn't relevant any more.

  7. HAHA! Excellent comments! Pure brilliance! We will pay no mind to the detractors! Everyone who loves this blog is in The Horizons Brave 300!!!

  8. Yeah. It wasn't right to get out of the vehicle. You could have gotten injured or killed. You could have wrecked the attraction. But, you didn't. You simply documented the attraction in a way that most of would have loved to be able to do. Right or wrong I'm grateful that you did it and are willing to share your bounty. If anything, this all really shows what poor security and safety standards that ride had. It's unbelievable that you were never caught. There's no point hating on this blog now. Just enjoy it.

  9. I never had the opportunity to visit WDW until earlier this year. I missed out on the chance to ever see great rides such as Horizons, World of Motion, the original Journey into Imagination, etc.

    Horizons is the ONLY ride that I get to experience (virtually), thanks 100% to this site. Youtube does no justice for most of the rides, as everything turns out too dark. It's a shame there was no way to preserve the other attractions as well.

    But thanks, for everything you continue to bring to us.

  10. I was about 8 years old when Horizons closed, and hadn't even heard of it until I found this blog. I think it's great that with all these pictures, I can appreciate a ride I'll never get to experience first-hand.

    One of my fondest memories of Disneyland is once, when I was 12, and discovered that in closing Toontown for the night they had closed - but not locked - the gate. I nudged it open and my friend and I took a minute to explore the dark, empty land. When employees saw us not long afterward, they politely told us that we needed to leave - but first, let us take a private ride on Gadget's Go Coaster.

    Knowing that you hadn't meant any harm to the attraction, I'm sure Disney wouldn't have even been mad about what you were doing. It's definitely in the spirit of the parks to encourage curiosity.

  11. You guys did a heroic act for any disney fan, even us who never got to ride horizons can experience more of it than we could have otherwise, im thankful for what youve done, may chief rest in piece knowing you guys did the right thing