Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grove Shot 2

Here is another grove shot, from a wider angle so you can see pretty much the entire grove. And in this shot you can see two flying harvester projections on the wall. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks!

    How deep were the actually groves? Did the sides taper backwards? Lots of forced perspective used?

  2. The Mesa Verde Groves was the best set in the entire attraction. They contained the most 3-dimensional items and gave more depth into the world of Horizons. Not only was it the most detailed but it incorporated so many of the senses - sight, sound, and smell. What other attraction contains soo much detail in 1 scene? The only attraction that could compare is the orange grove scene from Soarin' - but that goes by too quickly to even match the aww and wonder of the Mesa Verde experience.

    WDI has lacked such detail in their attractions since the 80's. Too many corners have been cut in the recent attractions, and there has been a major lack in the complete story. When will attractions go back to what WED/WDI stood for?

  3. Mmmm... loranges. Great shot!

  4. I ask myself the same question everyday Hauntedone999. It is sad. I thought once that maybe they don't do rides like this anymore because the kids won't get it.. but.. I was about 7 when I first rode and took my last trip to the future right before TT opened. I was a kid then and this ride stuck with me so much that I still am completely obsessed with it today. Seems to me not only did everyone get it, but loved it. Shame on Disney.

  5. Speaking of Mesa Verde....

    Space Mountain soft openings just started, and there's a reference that you might enjoy!!!!!

    (the second picture!!!)

  6. Just sent you guys a pic of the Mesa Verde reference. Guess, Figment beat me to it.


  7. Kyle - In reference to your above post about the state of attractions. It's all about budgets and the bottom line of the stock holders. Creativity is dead. That is of course, except for the Champagne Slut.

  8. So I am watching my "EPCOT Center: An Opening Celebration" DVD and when Danny Kaye is singing/trying to make out with Drew Barrymore whilst singing about Future World East, they cut to a clip that is the painting of the Centauri series space station from the queue, the one that looks all wonky with the mirrors, but it is animated. Workers are buzzing around and unloading cargo from the spaceship. Were those panels animated? I don't remember them being so. Was there somewhere else this footage was used?
    Answers, please.

  9. ^ Nope. The pannels wern`t animated. All 3 scenes were animated especially for pre opening promos.

    Hey guys,

    A while back you promised us some pics of the Messe Verde City backdrop. Any chance?? They`d be useful for a project I want to complete. And of course I`ll share it with fellow fans. Or send me an email. You know me from my vids ;)


  10. Those promos kicked ass. They reminded me of Walt's "Man in Space" animated segments. It would have been cool to have those preshow screens animated.