Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nova Cite Backdrops

A shot from just the garden.

Chief navigates his way back after exploring the Nova Cite set.


  1. Thank you again :)

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  3. I know I am a tad late to this party...but WOW. This brings back such wonderful memories of Horizons for me. Rode it several times a visit as a little kid, love and remember every minute of it. It was a perfect synthesis for the ideas, the themes and the natural "story" of EPCOT Center.

    Good stuff to see it again. I thank you. :-)

    EPCOT Explorer-

    (don't mind the post above...spelling errors.heh)

  4. These are friggin awesome fellas!

  5. If only they sold sets of posters of the backdrops. They are incredible.

    I wonder if somewhere in the vaults there are full backstories for each painting.

  6. It's funny, all these years later and building like this are starting to show up in NYC.

    Man, I miss this ride.