Sunday, March 1, 2009

10 years gone

A good 10 years has gone by. I think it's time to share my pics and memories of the once great EPCOT Center attraction "Horizons". Everyone on Planet Earth loved that ride, don't lie, YOU loved it. If you didn't you wouldn't have found this crummy blog. So sit back, relax, and enjoy looking back at tomorrow.

I was a Horizons junky. I can admit it now that I've gotten over my addiction to orange fragrance. I patiently waited for the attraction to open, I slobbered all over my copy of "Disney News" and it's article on Horizons, etc. I rode it for the first time in late October 1983 and it became my all time favorite EPCOT Center attraction. Above is the first pic I ever took.
Being in High School in 1983, I had no use for dating, grades, school plays, or any of that crap. I was a Disney dork from day one. I spent vast hours drawing pictures of Walt Disney's great Audio-Animatronic attractions. I'd rather look at Horizons pics than take some lame High School tramp to the mini golf or movies. Hey! I was saving my money so I could go to EPCOT CENTER!!! duh.


  1. Great site!

    Raising my geek flag next to yours...

    I saw EPCOT from the monorail tracks during the special preview period before it opened. I went straight from college to the Listen To The Land boat ride. I used to run the website. Urban Habitat (synthesizer) is my iPhone ring tone.

    Horizons and Imagination were my two favorite attractions. But Horizons had me at orange scent.

    This is an awesome site. I'm surprised you never got busted - or busted anything... Either way it was worth it to bring us these cool - never again - images.

  2. I just wasted about three hours at work reading all of your posts and reliving my teen obsession with all things Epcot and Horizons.

    You guys are gods. So freakin' awesome.

  3. Found my way here through a link or 20 and just want to say I love what you guys did! I wish I had the guts to do what you guys did, preserving the past so we all can enjoy a piece of our Disney childhood. I miss Horizons and with this blog I can relive my visits to Epcot Center, thanks!

  4. I just discovered this blog. I worked maintenance in Horizons during the 80's (I was Epcot pre-opening crew, in SpaceShip Earth opening day) I am still employed at WDW in my 36th year, but can't tell my stories until after I retire...I have a few from Horizons...but until then I'll just enjoy yours.

    1. Hi Mark, wow congrats on 36 years at WDW! I can't imagine the stories you hold or the changes you must have seen. Isn't this blog the best!? I'm an old fan and am revisiting it because, as much as I love Disney, the parks (especially Epcot) have "gone to seed." Walt's vision, creativity, and ingenuity are being whisked away with every refurb and it's a travesty. Seeing the original rides reminds me of the Disney I love, and in a strange way, comforts me.

      Hoot, if you still read this blog I want to say THANK YOU for sharing your kick ass photos, vids, stories, and friendship (with Chief) with us. Even now - nearly 10 years after your first post - all of these things STILL touch the hearts of your fellow Horizons geeks.

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