Sunday, March 1, 2009


Here I am after sweet talking a girl employee into letting me wear her silver coat. Did I mention how handsome I am?

Now we understand what drove CHIEF and I to document the future. Here's my goal:

1. I'm not going to go through Horizons in any sort of order. I like to jump around and write about things as I remember them.

2. I'm not going to write about the history of the attraction. You can find that elsewhere. It makes no difference to me who designed or built it just that it was there.

3. CHIEF and I sold our souls to the devil to get Horizons to open one last time. An afterlife of eternal suffering awaits us both so PLEASE ask before you use any of of our material. (This means YOU Extinct Attractions Club!)

4. The views presented here are mine, Hoot Gibson, and have nothing to do with the Walt Disney Company.


  1. My experience with Extinct Attractions was poor, very poor.

  2. I LOVE the EAC comment you made on the blog. too bad but I think the are out of the game...