Monday, March 2, 2009

About the last post....

Did anyone out there ever notice the cool pattern on the carpet? Whoever had the excellent job of vacuuming this scene at night made a kick ass design! I'm digging up pics so stay tuned.

Oh, will some kind soul please comment on at least one post so I can see if it's working? Or so I don't lose interest and start blogging about my wife's dog?

Thanks, Horizons fans!


  1. Can't wait to see what you put up next!

  2. Don't worry, we are out here and we are watching and reading. Please keep it up. W REALLY miss Horizons.

  3. Horzons was the soul of Futureworld.

  4. Even now, two years IN THE FUTURE, people are still discovering this awesome blog anew, thrilling to your tales of history and infiltration!

    I went to Epcot soon after it opened, as a 6 year old weester, and it's amazing how much these posts have made me remember...

  5. I was a kid growing up in South Florida and had the pleasure of visiting Disney World at least once every year or two from about 1984-2001. I didn't get to go to EPCOT every time but it was always my favorite. I couldn't understand some kids my age who thought it was "boring." I miss Horizons most of all. I'm so thankful that people like you have put the time and love into documenting how amazing it was! I've just started at the oldest posts and can't wait to keep reading.