Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sea Castle, See fun!

That's a dorky title I know but hey it's me so.....

Here we are in the first scene of the lovely Sea Castle Resort. We're above water here and you can see the Bay through that window. What you can't.....damn that red haired girl was cute*.....see is the amazing level of detail on that backdrop painting. Horizons was FULL of small details that the the average visitor would never notice. Even if you rode it 200,002 times you'd never see it all. Wanna take a closer look? YES YOU DO.
*There's no way that guy landed her. Nope


  1. Between you and I, I had a thing for "that guy" - and was always jealous of your red haired girl.

  2. I feel ya. He was a handsome cuss!