Sunday, March 1, 2009

Was Horizons.....?

Was Horizons a continuation of The Carousel of Progress? Many think so and many are wrong. Yep I said it. I'M wrong???!! Let's compare. The only two things that were shared by both Horizons and COP were:

1. A Father narrating about his family
2. The sponsor, General Electric

That's it. I'm sorry folks but COP never dealt with future living and wasn't even on the same page as Horizons. The father wasn't the same head and wasn't the same voice! Different dad!

"Ok, Hoot, then what was it the same as, if you dare?" Horizons was the expanded version of The Home Of Future Living, the first Space Moutain post show! It was for MANY reasons including:

1. They were both about future living. COP isn't about future living it's about electricity from past to present.
2. The baby in HOFL is the SAME baby as in the Horizons birthday scene! The same baby!
3. Not one person in COP is wearing a jumpsuit! EVERYONE in HOFL has one! And silver belts!!! Come on!

Here's a link. See for yourself.


  1. did you ever think that maybe carousel of progress family is maybe the ancestors of the home of the future family and the home of the future family is maybe the ancestors of the horizons family I guess if you go far enough back maybe you could even say they might be related to a pirate or two from pirates of the caribbean

  2. Don't forget the song, 'Great Big Beautiful Tommorrow'.

    That was also shared by both attractions.

  3. Where COP was a look back-- Horizons was a look forward.

  4. Late comment, but Horizons was officially an offshoot of Carousel of Progress.

    Both attractions featured the same family (albeit in the future), same vocal cast, and same music.

    This is official from WDI, sorry.