Monday, August 10, 2009

Final Bits with Fonzi

Here are the final bits of film we have with Bionic Fonzi, remember we did three "rides" with him in one night. Most of this clip is in the Sea Castle Resort area. On one of the rides Hoot gets a couple closeups of the scuba classroom and then on the last one he gets some good video of the restaurant. And then of course how could a Mesa Verde Times video be complete without me making a fool of myself in it. You will see what I mean around 6:30 mark, I put an annotation in the video to kinda mark the spot. Heh :) And sorry to say folks, I have never gotten professional help to figure out my obsession with wanting to dry hump animatronic figures and other inanimate objects in a Disney ride. Luckily for me, not all of them were caught on film. ;)

Towards the end of this video, Hoot gets a quick shot of the animatronics for the hologram birthday calls, same peppers ghost effect. We have some decent still shots of these, taken from up on the catwalks. We will get to those sometime in the future. These three rides with Fonzi were still during the pre-staying inside the ride timeframe.

Also towards the end, even though the video doesnt come out well (being a pretty dark room an all), you can hear us getting all excited standing out in the starfield room/corner that you saw right before the choose your own future projection screens. It really was a neat feeling standing out in that room and looking back at the ride vehicles slowly going by, its just too bad it was a hard experience to capture on film. Anyways, hope you enjoy! And dont worry, we still have plenty of video clips coming, this is not the end, just the final pieces I hadnt shown yet from the Fonzi rides.


  1. The first (and only time) I rode Horizons was in Oct. 98. The whole ride was much more memorable than any other (although I still remember much of SSE), but the birthday scene is burned into my brain after we got stuck in front of it for a full five minutes. Maybe we should have jumped off the ride. Anyway, it was really neat to see the "behind the scenes" of what I remember best.

  2. I feel for you Sarah as this happens on Carousel of Progress all the time and it gets irritating quickly but ride freaks love when that kind of thing happens

    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Ha Ha Ha- Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Ha Ha Ha- Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Ha Ha Ha- Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Ha Ha Ha

  3. HAHAHA! YES! Hump that robot arm, Chief!!!! HAHAH!

    The beauty of that clip is that some dude is under the sea humping the shit out of a robot!!!!! Where else can you see entertainment like that folks??! Only right here at Mesa Verde Times brought to you in extreme "Hump-o-vision".

    THAT's why Chief is my best pal. Right there:)

  4. Hell yeah! Sea Castle bitches!!! That's what I've been waiting for!

    I like how the Scotty AA is firing off diving rules, when it sounds like it should be rules for Horizons hopping:

    Teacher: "Hopping out in Horizons is no joke."
    Scott: Stay with your group, Keep your buddy in site, Always check your camera film before hopping back in your vehicle."
    Teacher: How often do you check for occupied vehicles
    Hoot & Chief: "Every 10 minutes."
    Hoot: "Or more often."

    You f'in guys are classic.

  5. PS. Fonz, if you're out there and reading this get in touch.

    PSS. Spike Tripper, if you have any shots you wanna add please do.

    PSSS. Sunnycide, you putting up with this foolishness means the world to me.

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