Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Turn the wrong way.

If you turned the wrong way you were either drunk or in a wheelchair. That's the wheelchair door over there but I really did see a drunk guy go that way once.

No, the drunk guy was NOT me.

I went to the end once and found some sort of office and a restroom to the left. The foul stench of minimum wage hung heavy in the air. I felt like a little bunny rabbit who had wandered into a dog pen where mean, smelly, low paid dogs lay thirsty to ruin our fun.

To the right was the wheelchair entrance into the load area.


  1. I love your blog, and just recently found it. I unfortunately never got to ride Horizons, since my parents never took me WDW as a child. I would have love to seen this attraction, and experienced the original EPCOT Center.

    I have enjoyed reading this so much.

    Kelly B.

  2. i just found the site ... i still don't get how you got out of the car (this blog is huge so i'll have to read carefully). amazing pix, especially mom at the desert scene.

  3. Don't tell me you didn't explore the office on the left....

  4. the bottom two pics won't enlarge
    what's up wit dat?

  5. @gear28th: hrmm, somehow the html got a little messed up, but i fixed it. should be good now, enjoy! :)

  6. The hallway and office led to the lead office (although, they may turned that into a custodial closet later on). Would have been bad to be there around 2-3pm as that's when the shift change overs mostly happened.

    Also, the hallway led from load to unload and a doorway to the GE lounge (I have pictures of the lounge somewhere in my picutre boxes. I'll post when I find them.)

  7. Hi, just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for what you did, and for this blog. I also never got to experience Horizons. In recent years I began to learn about it online, and "rode it" via Martin's tribute. But seeing you guys out and about inside the ride really gave it a sense of placement and reality for me. It now feels as if I was actually there. You guys are really preserving Disney history, and younger people like me are learning about the EPCOT Center of yesterday. Hopefully this generation can one day help bring the Walt Disney Company out of the ashes and continue Walt's vision! I salute you, gentlemen.


  8. Maria I don’t know who you are but I like what your saying. I think I speak for most when I say that one of the reasons we love Horizons so much is because of its message; and it’s nice to see that it can still move and inspire even 26 years after its birth

    Thanks for the fix Chief