Monday, August 17, 2009

Story time

Story time with Uncle Hoot:

Chief and I were coming close to the end of our adventures and equaly close to our beloved ride closing down. How would we end this adventure? We thought of a million cool ideas. Here are a few:

1. We were going to pick one omnimover car just behind us and load it full of every prop we could move. Chairs, lamps, anything not nailed down. Imagine what the cast members would have thought when all of this SHIT came to unload! HAHA.

2. We were going to spend the day running naked through the scenes until we got arrested.

3. We wanted to carry Super Soakers in with us and drench any and all guests just as they rounded the "Scuba Class" into the undersea area. How cool would that have been? Just like you were going under water! do it all again.


  1. Heh, yeah, my favorite was always number 1! The best wouldve been if we couldve actually gotten an animatronic into one of the ride vehicles, but we knew that just wasnt gonna happen. But yeah the idea of set pieces coming out at unload and the cast member going wtf???

    But ultimately we did nothing to our beloved ride, except ride it on its last day, and say goodbye. I believe I did run around and kiss as many of the animatronic figures that I could, and yes I know/knew that was gross, but it wasnt like I was tongue kissing them. :)

  2. Hope you guys don't mind the plug, but I added some Horizons photos on my blog. Sure, they're not as cool as yours, but they were from the last day also. We prolly ran into each other back then. OR Just click on the link on the right in this awesome page.

    Thanks fellas!