Tuesday, August 11, 2009


If any of you were wondering what we make on Google Ads here's the scoop. Our all time take is $11.04! We've covered two rolls of film developing at the one hour Walgreens across from Universal circa 1998! How cool is that!?

That's solid proof that this blog is for fans of Horizons. Sure we could sell this stuff on DVD or some shit but we don't want to. We want to bring our andventures to the table so that everyone who comes across this blog can enjoy Horizons one more time.

Please comment. Add your thoughts. Tell us of how you remember this attraction.


  1. I’m going to get corny and stupid (more than usual) on this one but I remember that there was something about the Epcot attractions that just sucked you in to the environment. Very little imagination was needed to believe what you were experiencing when going through these rides. Horizons took it even further it made it feel like you where ease dropping on theses people from the future but you weren’t watching it on TV in 2 dimension and it wasn’t a 3d simulation it was really there you could get off (like some people we know) and sit on the couch with grandma or flirt with that beach boy or jump in that pod-ship in to space because it’s right there in front of you, and as a 10 year old you totally bought it (or at least I did) the whole experience opened you up to possibilities, hope and gave you new perspective on what was possible and plausible, not some crazy ramblings of some old drunk sideshow freak show vaudeville caller trying to get folks in the door with ideas that would get disproven or go out of style in a few years NO! Here was a life theory based on actual science and fact. Ok maybe the seaweed / kelp thing was a little off but it still may be true who knows! My point is I used to start and end my day at Epcot with friggin Horizons because friggin Horizons was friggin cool and sure there are people that dismissed it an that’s fine but that’s why they are not the last of the cool people, We are. gosh darn dag nabbit (that’s right I said it)

    Horizons prove to me that there was a better way and put it in my face for real (kind of) so here is to friggin Horizons we are here still talking about you baby don’t you worry we still love you. Horizons love fo eva

  2. Guys,
    Us old timers really appreciate you sharing all these wonderful memories.

    Even after you publish all your material online-- you can still package it up and sell it if you want to.

    Imagine the screensavers you could create alone--- one for each section even.
    You could always take donations via paypal if your costs start to creep up.


    p.s Did you know the panophist.com site is considered an attack site by google. Is it safe to goto the site?

  3. You should put that money in a jar and when you hit $14,000 but the the Horizons ride vehicle for sale at Mousesurplus.

    Or, you could buy some of my Horizons t-shirts (shameless plug).

    Great job fellas.

  4. The most ambitious and enjoyable look at the world we do live in, and a world we will live in. Saying you don't like Horizons is like saying you don't like oxygen.

  5. P.S. I think you guys are getting spammed by that Julie character. She's said the same thing in the last 3 posts.

  6. If Julie is around than I/O is sure to be following. This could be Disney's move to take us all out.

  7. Disney won't touch us and here's why:

    1. They want to see where this blog goes.

    2. They don't want confront a couple of wierdos like me and Chief.

  8. I wonder if Disney is now beefing up security in their rides because of this blog? LOL!

  9. Hoot/Chief, been following this blog for a few weeks now and its bought back so many memories. I've gone back to my old ride videos from the mid-eighties to see what I've got as footage. Additionally my brother and I have been discussing EPCOT in the 80's via emails to each other; so many fond memories.

    As a thank you, I'd like to offer Mesa Verde free webhosting and space for your photos and videos. No strings attached, i've got a huge server with lots of space. I hope I can contribute back a bit by helping you out. Please email me at todd @ disneycorner.com

    Thanks for the memories and keep up the great work!


  10. Let us know when you get to $19.83 and we'll have a party!! :)

  11. This ride had more information and ideas in the emergency exits than Mission:HeartExplosion packs in it's entire expereience. Shame on Disney.