Thursday, August 6, 2009

Older pic and order of things

I know I said at the beginning that I wasn't going to go in any kind of order on this blog. I changed my mind and here's why. This is the 99th picture I've posted from our vast archive and It's becoming harder and harder to decide what to post next. All of our pictures are in albums, in order, so I think We'll start with a tour around the outside of the building itself which starts us at the beginning of album "one". Eventually, hundreds of shots later, we'll be at unload.

Here's a shot of the sign just after GE dropped sponsorship to get the ball rolling.

One of the "Last of the cool people", Gear28th, came to visit me today. He has a GREAT Horizons fan project in the works and I can't wait to see it:) I hope we see more Horizons fans turning out cool stuff in the near future. USE THESE pics and let them inspire you!


  1. This pic totally takes me back.

  2. Here we sit, waiting for Horizons to open.... :)

  3. The single greatest architectural achievement in the history of modern construction... and I'm just talkin' about the sign.

    Is there footage of the VIP lounge? I only ever got to go to the WOM cocktail lounge.