Sunday, June 27, 2010

Did you say ice cream?

Let's take another look at the voice activated refrigerator. Here again we find "annoying boy of tomorrow" bothering his poor father just like they do back here in the past.

We know that when the brat says a food word the fridge responds by opening the correct drawer. If he were to say "human head" one would hope that nothing would happen. If so...Dad would be going away for long time, Johnny.

Let's take a behind the scenes look at this food drawer.

WHOA! All of this just to open a drawer? No, my friends. There was much more to it than that even if you never noticed it from your ride vehicle. Remember that Horizons was all about the details. I've come up with this handy diagram for you:

1. This little air cylinder would push the drawer out.
2. The light would come on just like refrigerators here in the past.
3. This high tech looking device would shoot a blast of fog out of the drawer.
4. The duct tape would keep this rig working by providing an ultra strong hinge for the red fog hose. (Universal probably uses Scotch Tape)

It's as simple (and cool) as that and that's pic #195 from my collection! There's plenty more trust me.

As for future parenting, why do you suppose that kid is so rotten? They certainly don't spank their kids but I did find something out.

As a disciplinary measure they tie their children to a tri-apple tree. And at night.........

The Road Runners come.......meep.......meeep.....


  1. I have it on good authority the Universal uses dollar store masking tape.

  2. I LOVE the behind-the-scenes looks at the mechanical stuff so thanks, man. The gently sweeping paintbrush on the ride vehicle support rail still holds the top honor but the "duct taped fog blaster" complete with the "sun lamp on wobbly 2x4" is running a close second. It gets extra points for the road runner having pecked out the kid's eye though so I may have to do a re-count.

  3. universal is a copy of disney like monkey says monkey do disney says universal do