Monday, June 14, 2010

Under the Sea

Here's a real treat, folks. Chief and I loved these things! They're the "water ripple" projectors that cast those lovely patterns under the sea. The projector in the foreground is angled down, the farther is up a few degrees. The way the ripples crossed over each other was pure magic.

I think these were in the transition from sea to space. LOOK at all of that cool stuff! Hey! There's a disk on the floor!

Sweet! The disks would rotate in front of the projector lens.

That pattern is great. The disks were heavy and probably 1/2 think. Maybe 3/4. Maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about.

"Water Ripple Reflection"

Damn I miss that ride.


  1. ..A beverage at a WDW refreshment cart: $2.50
    ..Parking costs at the parks: $14.00
    ..The chance to re-discover Horizons through MVT: priceless.

    A real treat indeed! Pictures like this, and even the ones with damaged ceiling tiles or rusted props, give Horizons fans the chance to experience again a small part of the best attraction ever.

    Many, thanks to Hoot and Chief for sharing this.

    Yes, a bunch of us cool people miss Horizons, but MVT is a great prescription for that.

    Thanks again,
    (Doc) Joe

  2. Oh, to have that disk now. I can imagine going to sleep every night with water ripple reflections on the bedroom ceiling and Horizons music in the background. Pure peace that would be.

  3. Those projection discs have always amazed me----used for clouds, rain, "Super-Speed Tunnel" effects...the simple patterns on those thick plexi wheels created the most amazing images. 30 years later those early WED Imagineer trick look the best! Hoot I'm glad in a previous post you mentioned that Marc Davis created most of the World Of Motion show scenes. He did. I am amazed at the the concepts at the WDI art library for this attraction......and he never gets credit for it. Ward Kimball did some minor consulting on the actual figure programing ans some of the images used to project various transportaion thru the ages, but World Of Motion is a MARC DAVIS show. From the Mona Lisa scene, The Sunday Drive/Pic-nic, the Barn Storming Field, the Train Hold Up and others were all Marc Davis creations. Some were done while he was still at WED and some were done after his official retirement. Marc always said he retired when he did because "he was tired of creating all these attractions and concepts for stuff they were never ever gonna build". I know there was a project team for the Space Pavilion that did everything they could to try and keep the Horizons' Omni-mover system and a new music score was even written...but it would not have been Horizons. I know some Imagineers who storeed out of early meetings for Horizons because they felt it was dealing with subjects that were already dealt with inside other EPCOT Pavilions, and had they really planned it right, Horizons show would have been the center "welcoming/Intoduction" attraction to future World. Guys, thanks for this blog!

  4. Yet another look behind the curtain-- thanks!!

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