Thursday, June 3, 2010

Outta Space

Here's another one of those "If this was all I had I'd kill myself" pics. It's not even a good in ride shot but it sets us up for some better material.

this one was a little better but not really. the only good thing I see here is that I was the only dork to shoot a pic of the truss they're working so hard on. It doesn't look like THAT would hold an entire Space Station together but then again I'm a caveman from 2010 not a future man from 2083.

Aaaaahhhhh... from up on the catwalk above the scene, things look much better. Here's a shot down at the astronaut.

This was the highest point in the show building and only from here could one tell just how massive this show building was. It was like looking into the Grand Canyon only better because we knew there weren't bears roaming around.

From way up here we were able to see where the truss connected. We crawled out onto the platform behind those black curtains and realized that there was a mechanism that would lower (?) the lady in the roboty thing for maintenance. The platform creaked and was very wet.

Looking up we can see why. Chief and I noticed that the Horizons show building had a seriously leaky roof. Giant ceiling tiles, water logged, would come crashing down on the catwalk! We found water dripping down on broken pieces and we realized that maintaining this show was no longer important to Disney. The end was coming and quick.


  1. YESSSS!!!!!!! These are the pictures I've been dying for. Thanks guys!

    Oh, and new blog coming up to allthingswdw tomorrow. Get ready!

  2. Something totally unrelated, but I'd heard that the lady in the roboty thingy has been recycled; she's now the foxxy scientist sportin' the afro in one of the new scenes in the refurbed SSE, the computer scene. I've been many times since i've heard, studying her each time, and the poses and looks are almost exact. If she isn't, she's a darn close twin. Seems pretty awesome she's still working the space gig (the guy in the scene appears to have been the one at the desk of the telecommunications network in one of the previous versions of SSE, but who cares?)