Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our cheap 'lil "poll"

I added this cheap "poll" to the blog at the beginning. Where would you live? Well, Nova Cite wins with Mesa Verde second and Brava Centauri third. We didn't see that happening but our readers have decided. Nova Cite it is!!!!

I always liked Mesa Verde, hence the name of the blog, but would I really like to live in the desert? Probably not. Nova Cite may be more appealing to the average person. Sea Castle and Space would have seemed more dangerous to me..........Chief and I aren't about danger:)

The future may start in Nova Cite. OR West Milton Ohio.


  1. The poll results are right on. For me, its between Nova Cite and Mesa Verde.

    Let's see, NC has really cool apartments, MV has a really hot redhead.

    NC has hydroponic vegetables, MV has robots harvesting in the desert and a hot redhead.

    NC has super backdrops and holographic phones, MV has captain Nemo, the athene computer, and a hot redhead.

    Since transportation between the two are just minutes away, I say I'd want to live in NC, but visit MV.

  2. Good points, Doctor Joe. Even if you lived in NC you'd still have a nice picture of the redhead to look at:)

  3. It has to be Mesa Verde... I mean waking up to L'Orange scent everyday? Where else can that happen? I rest my case.

  4. Why exactly is it called "Cite", by the way? I figured maybe the Imagineer wanted to call it "Nova City" or "Nova Site", but couldn't decide, so he just combined the words.

    I mean, it's a Middle English word meaning "city", but "Nova" is Latin, so I don't think they'd stick a Latin adjective on a Middle English noun.