Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lettuce Move On

Another from the kitchen. This time, the vegetables and fruits are being kept fresh under plastic domes.

How perfect WAS this house?!


  1. Interesting way to keep things fresh!!! I wonder what makes the domes special? Is the tomato different from those in the fridge?? What does one do with the domes when they are not being used??? So many questions.... :o)

  2. I'd bet that practically, the domes are easier to dust than the plastic fruit & veg!

    This house WAS pretty dern perfect, with a super view. I wonder if there was implied glass along the walls, omitted for visual clarity or if there was some sort of force field, or what? Maybe those onesie jumpsuits were air conditioned somehow?

  3. Omnispace, the Imagineers were probably suggesting that the oxygen was voided from the domes and replaced with nitrogen or some other gas that doesn't cause food to decompose.