Monday, April 13, 2009

Thanks Hoot

First off I just want to thank Hoot for letting me join as a contributor. I am so glad that he started this blog so that we can share our stories, pictures, and videos of our Horizons adventures. It has actually been a long time since I have taken a look at the pictures and videos, and now that we are going thru them again it is really helping bring back all the great memories of what we did. :)

Anyways, on with the show. I thought I would continue on with the last few posts about the SeaPort area and show a few more shots of it. The first one is a pretty neat view I think, it is from up on one of the many catwalks looking down thru the 'holes' in the sets, all the way down to the sea floor. You can see the Sub Repair Room, then the room thats just on the other side of the Undersea Resort (restaurant) with the Sub on the floor, and then of course you can see the sub on the sea floor.

The second shot is basically from a ride vehicle of that floor just underneath the Sub Repair room and next to the Undersea Classroom and just on the other side of the wall of the Undersea Resort (restaurant). In the distance you can see thru the triangular window, the single guy just about to order his tasty lobster. And if I remember correctly there is another triangular style window hidden just behind that purple colored beam in front of the sub, that you could see the dining black couple.


  1. Excellent! I only have a duplicate of the sea floor sub pic! The others are a great surprise. Thanks for posting, 'ol chum.

  2. Very interesting, I had no idea that there were three different subs.

  3. These pics just exemplify how sophisticated the sets were in Horizons: multiple levels that you can see from several angles!! It's pretty ingenious how they put this all together. I love the pic looking down through it all!

    Am I guessing correctly that the catwalk ran above the ride system track??

  4. actually yes and no and sorta, the catwalks were not always right above the track, or in other words did not follow the track layout exactly.

    and the catwalks provided access to other things as well, not just the ride track, for instance the upside down dad in the space dock, he is lifted upwards out of the set to be worked on, and the maintenance folk get to him and his lift mechanism via a catwalk.

  5. I hope you dont mind hoot/chief, but I'm totally making this my desktop background.

  6. I like how the marine biologist boyfriend had no regard for safety regulations in the sub repair shop xD He could've fallen straight down that hole at any time, and I don't see any railings either. I guess in the world of Tomorrow you don't need safety railings!