Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ghosts and Gardens

"Maybe you got hit in the head with some frozen meat........"

Riding Horizons was like having an out of body experience. However, instead of floating like a ghost through your own time, you had a very short vision of the future unfold before your eyes. You tried to soak it in but you couldn't move or change your perspective to figure out what was going on. You had a basic narration to guide you but it wasn't nearly enough.

Soon your dream state was over and you had the rest of your life to try to make sense of what you saw. Strange gadgets, Strange footwear.

Chief and I are your Patrick Swayze in "Ghost". We learned to manipulate the "out of body" situation and turn it into an "out of ride vehicle" situation. Just like Swayze did when he learned to move objects and shit after he was dead. Chief and I are each Patrick Swayze.

Granny had a sweet garden on the patio of her Nova Cite apartment. Plenty of strange veggies growing everywhere and no sign of actual dirt! Why get dirty in the third century if you don't need to? She had tables to work on, a cup of tools, some gloves and a vintage pair of 1983 office scissors! Let's take a look at what's for dinner.

OOPS! During the time the above and below pics were taken, the long green leaf vanished, the huge garlic got turned over and the scissors moved leaving a dirty spot! Proof that other ghosts were acting a fool here.

Anyway, you can see a wide variety of foods that could be grown in a small space.

Check out the red onion there in the middle. It has the same greens as the carrots. Is that a cross breed of onion and carrot?! The future is a very bold place.

Mesa Verde Times turned 2 years old on March first. Welcome to Mesa Verde Times 2.0.